Computer repair service for companies and enterprises

What would you do when your computer is in trouble? Virus infection? OS failture? Software and hardware? Use our computer repair service!

Your PC gets slower.

  1. Is it infected with viruses?
  2. Is your OS damaged?
  3. Are there strange software running?
  4. Is your drive filled up?
=> With our on-site computer repair service, our professionals can diagnose and deal with any problem you have. 

Your PC does not turn on.

  1. Is the RAM, hard drive or PSU dead?
  2. Is your OS damaged?
  3. Or, do you want upgrades?
=> Our team of professional IT workers offers advisory and delivers the best upgrades for your existing unit. Your performance will see a huge boost, which in turn makes the business thrive.

70% of errors are caused by viruses

Have a look at this video down below. It gives you an insight into how viruses destroy and multiple, who made them, for what purpose, and whether you are a victim.

What can you do to an infected unit?

First, check if your antivirus software is up and running.

If not, enable it right away.

Is it still licensed? Extend if not.

Please keep your software up-to-date so that it can detect the newest threats.


Quét xong Virus, máy bạn đã hoạt động ổn định chưa?Is your system okay after the scan?

If yes, then congratulations! Your antivirus software saved the day.

Try updating the OS if things are still not running well.

30% of errors are caused by other factors

Is your system old? Is your setup obsolete? Do you need an upgrade?

You may need to consult a professional to determine if you need an upgrade or not!

IT Systems has more than 15 years of experience in computer repair, including laptops, MacBooks, and desktops.

Call us now so we can support: 02839950359 0909104579

Ho Chi Minh City Computer Repair

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On-site Computer Repair

We show up whenever you need. Is your computer at fault? We will fix it for you right away, at your place.

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Optimal Solution

We will suggest the best solution to your problem. Data security, computer efficiency, you name it. We prepare for the future.

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Computer Upgrade

We can upgrade your PC with components like RAM and SSD. A little reminder: we recommend SSDs over HDDs.

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24/7 Operation

In addition to fixing your computers, we also offer free advisory and a compelling price for you, avoiding extra expenses.

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High Speed Fix

We proceed to work on problems right away after we have found a problem. Therefore, your work can continue as soon as possible.

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Advisory and PC Building

IT Systems can provide advisory for the perfect setup that can suit your needs, whether it is for school or work.

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