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What will you do when your server fails? What happens to your data? Does it affect your business?

The server is the heart of your IT system. It connects people, and is in charge of managing data, human resources, as well as communicating with your customers. The importance is clear, making the server an irreplaceable unit in your business.

What happens when the server fails?

Your employees cannot work due to having no data.

All important bits of data is stored in a failed server.

You cannot send files to your customers.

You cannot send or receive emails from them.

Furthermore, important VOIP calls are unable to execute.

You cannot import and export item lists, even worse when your company has many branches.

That would be a disaster. 

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What would you do? We know that you are worried about your server.

Are you concerned about losing your information?

Have you tried to fix it by yourself, like reinserting RAM and hard drives like you usually do with a regular desktop?

IT SYSTEMS has years of experience dealing with server errors, and we have something to tell you:

”This is a server, not a client machine. Your enterprise needs to keep files intact, which requires the best solution possible. If you have little to none experience, please stand by. Contact a professional service provider to help.”

Many service providers focus on repairing, and most of the time they opt for reinstalling everything. But then, what happens to your data?

That should be the heaviest concern – you need the best fix, and the safest state of your data.

Check out IT Systems’ server installation service here.

on-site server repair service

IT SYSTEMS provides on-site server repair service, including mail server, web server, database server, file server, firewall server, VOIP server, and so on. We also offer internet and network care services.

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On-site Operation

We will show up when you need, and when your server is down. We truly understand the importance of your company's server.

1470399674 App Development

Best Solution Possible

We will proceed to give you the best solution for any problem you have. Also, it helps securing your data for the present and future.

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24/7 Operation

We diagnose and repair your server non-stop until everything is under control, and your server is up and running smoothly again.

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High-octane Fashion

After we have determined the error, we then proceed to fix it right away. We value your time, and will try our best to get you back on track.

Customer Feedback

Our company's mail server was down for days, and we could not send emails. I did not know what to do. Fortunately I found IT Systems after spending quite a time searching for a service provider. They executed with pace. Within 30 minutes, our system was back online. I believe in IT Systems' skills. Their solution has been working fine for 5 years.
Mr. Nghị
Amazing! IT Systems upgraded our domain controller from 32 bit to 64 bit, making everything go faster. The data remained untouched. They operated in the weekends, and the next Monday 200 of our employees had been working well. The system was really better. We are satisfied with IT Systems' server installation and upgrading service.
Mr. Hào
Admin Manager
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