Server Maintenance

Q: Is server maintenance really necessary?

A: Yes, indeed. Without periodic server maintenance, any server error will strongly hinder your work rate.

What is the Server maintenance service? Is it the same as our Computer maintenance service? Check out the text below for more info.

what is a server?

The server acts as a piece of hardware that can connect to one or many computers to form a close network connection.

Or, it can be used to connect to the internet and possess a static IP address. Therefore, computers in different places can form a connection to it.

The server machine has high processing capacity, processing many algorithms at the same time.

On it, people install shared software, shared data, and company-wide data. Therefore, they can be used by multiple computers.

Thus, the server is the brain for the whole system. Any service that wants to operate must go through a certain server. As a result, the role of the server is very important, if a server failure occurs, all systems will be affected.

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Do I need regular server maintenance?

Server maintenance is very essential and important.

Regular server maintenance can ensure that the server and related computer systems are working well, associated with the uninterrupted work of the whole company.

If you are interested in this, you should hire a private IT or hire a qualified business, specializing in server and network systems such as IT Systems to maintain server systems for you.

on-site server maintenance service

IT SYSTEMS provides regular server maintenance service, including mail server, web server, database server, files server, firewall server, VOIP Server… along with installation and repairing service.

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We can optimize and ensure smooth operation. Therefore, we can predict potential errors.

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Data safety

This is our most important policy. Regular data backup and protection are operated.

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Security procedures, Anti-virus, and Firewall software are installed to prevent harm.

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System optimization

A good combination of software and hardware keeps the system smooth and error-free.

Customer Feedback

After IT Systems fixed the server for us, they also help us manage and maintain our server system. It is very gratifying that the system has been running well and smoothly for 8 years. They are always anticipating errors, and help us handle things on off days. The system is always running stably and does not affect the work of our company.
Mr. Vũ
5 years ago, our recently purchased server system failed. The whole company's work was stopped. What a disaster! We came to IT Systems for help. They are truly professional. Within 30 minutes they got us up and running. After that they helped me maintain the server and the client system. And I no longer need to worry about my company's IT system anymore.
Mr Hào
General Manager
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