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Server installation is not a difficult task, but keeping stable system could be overwhelming for those with little to none experience, and for companies with no distinct IT department.


What kind of OS does your server need to operate at its best state?

It depends on what you intend to do with your server, like file server, mail server, database server, firewall server, and so on.

You would need to make big investment in selecting the proper operating system to benefit the most from it.

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So which OS is really good and necessary for your business?

To get the most out of your server, you need an experienced IT worker to do the server installation with great effectiveness and efficiency. 

You may have heard of Windows and Linux. So which is the most suitable for you?
Máy chủ Server chứa dữ liệu được chia sẻ qua mạng?The server stores data shared over the network?

The server sends, receives, and stores emails?

The server contains databases for different branches of a business?

The server meets information requirements to serve other units in the network system?

You name it. A lot of things can be done with a dedicated server system.

Today, almost any enterprise use at least on server for their work and business.

If your computer runs slowly and hard drive files slow down your work, then a server will be a perfect solution to that.

✅ IT SYSTEMS has a team of IT workers that focus on installing Windows and Linux for servers ✅ Our engineers have broad knowledge in installing and building server systems to boost your business.

We will install and configure your server from top to toe. If you have any further requirement, just speak to us, whether it is mail, database, firewall, or mail server, you name it.

Apart from installing, we will distribute the corresponding user rights according to your need, and offer advisory for the best efficiency and effectiveness using the server system.

After a successful installation, IT Systems will guide you to use and manage easily and effectively.

Furthermore, IT Systems also has skills and experience to assist you in other aspects of servers, such as repairing, maintenance, advising for other network solutions, mail solutions, and security solutions.


Pros of getting private server installation

proactive management

The server is located at your enterprise. You are in full control of your property.

centralized management

Data is centrally managed. You can share it between branches and departments within the same system.

management software

Sales Department, Warehouse, Accounting, and so on, in many branches.

express mail

With 80% being internal, emails will be sent quickly, and less reliant on the Internet. Very safe for sending data.

data safety

Proactive in storing and sharing without depending on a device manager.

automatic backup

Be proactive in backing up your data. Super fast speed with a decent price tag.

At the moment, IT Systems provides server maintenance service to keep your server at the best state.

What is more, we also diagnose and repair server errors. If your server is at fault, do not hesitate and give us a call now.

customer comments

"IT Systems' server installation service is very good. They offer enthusiastic advisory. Our server system has been running stably and quickly for 7 years. They manage and maintain very well. IT Systems is definitely a profession service provider."
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Ms Ngân
HR Manager
"IT Systems has been installing and managing our IT system for over 10 years. They are truly professional. We are satisfied with their service. From servers, clients to installation, backup, and regular maintenance, I must say that I'm very satisfied.
team 4
Ms Thắng

many companies have trusted it systems server installation service

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