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We provide every service related to servers, internet systems, wi-fi, LAN, as well as maintaining and providing computers for individuals and enterprises.
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Server maintenance

To an enterprise, servers are essential. Every bit of data is stored on a server. So what happens if it fails?

To prevent risks and potentially unwanted errors, you definitely need periodic server maintenance.

So, should you hire an IT worker to manage everything? Or should you rely on a company to provide professional IT service?

network administration

Computers are important nowadays, and everything is connected to the world wide web.

A company, whether big or small, uses the internet for its daily work.

But how can you optimize the efficiency of the network, as well as prevent risks like data losses and viruses, not to mention hackers?

This task requires the IT manager to have great experience and knowledge to deal with every problem that can occur. That makes things go smoothly, which in turn boosts your business work.

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computer maintenance

When at work, what is the most familiar thing to you?

That is the computer.

It is becoming more and more important to people. 90% of the time a person spends at work is for interacting with their own computer.

In a company, an IT system consists of servers, computers, wi-fi, printers, and so on.

You need periodic computer maintenance. That allows smoothness and error-free work flow.

Server installation

  • Advisory for companies on server systems according to local standards.
  • Network system installation for companies.
  • Network administration service for enterprises.
  • Mail server, web server, file server, data server, and firewall server installation.
  • User decentralization to access custom data.
  • Internet decentralization.
  • Centralized management, sharing folders, data, and optimal resourcing.
  • LAN construction for offices and companies.
  • Computer and server montly maintenance service.
  • On-site installation – repairing – upgrading service for computers and servers.
  • Data backup solutions for enterprises.
IT Systems
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Server repairing

Your server is the core of your network system.

Server computers provide resources for all employees, and help you in HR, accountancy, as well as important data.

What can you do when your server system get into trouble?

All of your employees will not be able to work, and it hidners your business.

And are you worried about your data?

What will you do? Restarting?

on-site it service

Have your enterprise achieved your goals thanks to a great IT system?

Is your IT system working consistently?

Have you tried our professional IT service?

IT Systems is always by your side.

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