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ON-SITE it service - operate right at your place

On-site IT service is made for companies whose need is to hire trained IT workers to manage and operate their IT database.

They will assist you in directly managing your IT system and database where they are installed.

The chosen workers will operate at your designated location, and complete tasks within the contract limit, while also under your company’s rules and guidance.

  • Helps cut down the cost of official IT workers while still keeps the usual efficiency.
  • Gains the combination of workers with different strengths (server, security, network system…) without additional costs.
  • Gets full support regarding servers, computers, and other supporting hardware.
  • IT Systems has remote support, therefore we can solve multiple problems for you.

It Systems’ On-site IT service conforms to your need. Based on your need, we can provide full-time or hourly on-site support.

Customers can choose between morning and afternoon support for weekdays. 

Our team consists of young, energetic, and specialized IT workers, who are willing to learn and improve day by day in order to give you the most professional support.

With our clear procedures, out workers can determine the best solution for each of your problem.


On-site IT Outsourcing worker rental to work at your company.

The ultimate solution in costs and efficiency for your entire IT system.

Stable and effective system.


  • Full-system support
  • Fixed duration
  • Extra time support
  • Remote support
  • Daily, month, and quarterly report

On-site IT service procedures

nhan ycau


Receiving requests

khao sat he thong


System examining

khao sat he thong


Assessing and solution planning

Trao doi voi khach hang


Commuting and quoting

ky hop dong


Contract signing

trien khai dich vu


Operating according to plan

Why do many enterprises choose On-site IT Oursourcing service?

In recent times, any enterprise will need its own IT department to operate its IT system. That is when this question pops up: Should they hire a concrete IT worker or subscribe to on-site IT outsourcing service?

What are the benefits of on-site IT subscription?

The number of computers that you own can be quite various, therefore they are prone to errors.

On-site IT service utilizes people that work at your place in a designated time, just like your regular workers. To support them, there are many others who can help you solve multiple problems at once.

You would not have to care about transferring work from an IT generation to another. Here at IT Systems, we store and manage your information with perfect clarity. If you need to have a look, your request will be fulfilled in no time.

Dynamic working hours:

You can choose different hours for on-site support, therefore cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Suitable for a wide range of companies:

For chain companies, with branches in many different countries and regions, the on-site IT workers can cooperate with the head IT manager to work at high efficiency.

Furthermore, on-site IT service providers tend to have great relationships with companies that provide IT software and hardware (like Dell, Cisco, Fortinet, IBM, Microsoft, and so on) and other service providers (ISP, leased line like VNPT, FPT, Viettel, CMC, etc.), so when it comes to device maintenance and purchases, your requests can be completed with great speed.

Security concerns:

When it comes to data security and responsibility: both the internal IT worker and IT service provider have to access your data to an extent in order to operate at high effectiveness. Many would think that the internal IT worker will be more secure. In fact, that is an individual, while a service provider acts as an organization, therefore possesses higher legal responsibility.

External IT service quality administration:

This problem usually occurs when your company begins the switch from the internal worker to a service provider. During this time, the workload that needs to be transferred can cause hassles and slows down adjacent procedures. To us IT Systems, this will not be one big of an issue.

dich vu tại it systems
dich vu it onsite
Professional On-site IT service
dịch vụ bảo trì máy tính

On-site IT service FAQ

With our full-time IT worker rental service and on-site support, we base it on the complexity of your system, the time that you demand for on-site IT service, and the number of existing IT workers to determine the price, with regards to quality, efficiency, and sensibility.


Every month or quarter, bases on your demand, we will extract reports, ticket history, and already processes tasks for you, which are taken from IT Systems’ ticket management database. Therefore, you can assess the effectiveness of using our IT Helpdesk Outsourcing Service.

In addition to what is listed in the mutual contract, IT Systems also offers commitment on extra work such as data restoration, device maintenance, and device repairing.

Credibility is the core of IT Systems’ success.
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