What Are The Services At IT Systems?

hcmc computer repair

We will repair your computers on-site. The work comes with cleaning, installing Windows, Office, graphics software, and so on.

server settings

We install servers on-site for customers as provide consulting for server systems such as mail server, web server.., and on-site server repair.

computer maintenance

IT Systems periodically provides on-site computer maintenance for its customers to keep the computer in the best operating state.

it service

IT Systems provides direct IT services such as IT Help desk, IT Support, IT Office, both full-time and part-time.

some differences between service it and internal it department

1. Speed of response to remote support: almost the same, even IT services can be quicker to react thanks to our optimized tools and fast-moving team.

2. Speed of response to on-site support: the internal IT department can approach and deal with problems faster. Anyway, in some cases, IT services have the advantages of tool choices, and the number of workers they can dispatch, in spite of the later approach.

3. When it comes to data security and accountability: both the internal department and IT services need access to a specific level of data to work. The majority thinks that the internal IT department guarantees more security. In fact, an organization which provides IT services ought to have higher legal responsibility.

4. Regarding costs: please refer to those who have experienced and analyzed IT services. We are sure that this approach will save you a significant budget.


Each company will have one main worker in charge. You will know the information and the condition of every device in the office. In addition, a team of IT Systems workers will be ready to assist when needed.

30 minutes for on-site support, and 5 for online. You will not have to wait for long.

Will be shown clearly in the final contract. What is more, there will be a security commitment which you get to keep. We highly value our credibility.

Cung cấp toàn bộ yêu cầu của bạn cho hệ thống công nghệ thông tin cho bạn. Với chi phí thấp và cạnh tranh nhất.

Building systems on Windows and Linux.

Providing Business email settings.

Website designing and hosting.

Online and offline data backup.

Consulting solutions for online storage and online data backup.

Providing servers, VPS, cloud servers.

Renting servers, setting servers, general data center services, virtual switchboard, and so on.

Providing network equipment, servers, laptops, and desktops for businesses at competitive prices.

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