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The maintenance work is crucial to your system. It makes management more efficient, which enables the best performance for your computer system.

"We ensure the best maintenance service, with the most suitable pricing, delivered by our young, energetic, and experienced IT workers.
Your satisfaction is the core of IT SYSTEMS' credibility and success."
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Extending the longevity

Maintenance work extends your computer's longevity, and helps prevent damages. Without it, potential errors may interfere with your work, causing massive decrease to your efficiency.

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Cooling your computer

Usual maintenance work clears away dust in your computer's components. Dust is one of the reasons why heat can build up in your system, causing prolonged damages if left by.

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Hardware check up

Periodic maintenance work dictates which component would need to be replaced. It reduces the risk of losing precious data, and/or total hardware failure. A damaged component can affect healthy ones.

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Virus Prevention

Maintenance work checks for virus infection, removes it, and installs a virus protection software. It helps detect threats, making your computer more stable and defensive against them.

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Malicious Software Preventiong

Maintenance work checks and deletes malicious software, those that spy on your activities, steal your data, and slow down your computer. We can help take away the frustration having to deal with those.

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Software Upgrade

Maintenance work checks for update of important software, such as Windows, Microsoft Office, and other professional tools. Up-to-date software increases the efficiency of those who use them.

Today’s computers are indispensable in life, in work, study, gaming, and entertainment.

All work and communication only need a few seconds to link up with the help of a computer with internet connection.

In order for the computer network in an enterprise, in your work to be durable, stable, and secure, the computer user must know how to use it properly.

Did you know that approximately 80% of computer users do not know how to use their system properly? It makes ways for viruses and malicious software to enter your system, stealing your data and even important pieces of your company’s information.

The situation is too serious, isn’t it?

So if you want to keep your work going smoothly, you should use IT Systems’ computer maintenance service. IT Systems is a unit specialized in providing computer maintenance services in Ho Chi Minh City. IT Systems will help your computer increase its performance, durability, and speed over time.

IT SYSTEMS has the solutions to protect data saved on your computers and servers. If needed, your IT department can consult IT Systems for the most effective use of your company’s computers.

What is more, an increasing number of enterprises has been using computer maintenance services provided by a third-party company, and they will not have to worry about their network and computer system anymore. With compelling prices, we offer great service with an experienced team of IT workers. Compared to a single worker in your company, we can boost the effectiveness ten-fold with our team.


While using your computer, you can notice a decrease in speed, but you may not know the reason behind it.

Also, you may not know if your data is exposed to threats.

With a limited budget, you can hire a professional company like IT SYSTEMS to do periodic maintenance work for you. The value for money trade off will surely satisfy your needs.

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